Restoril Side Effects

There are many people in the world who have trouble sleeping temporarily or on a regular basis. Restoril is a drug that is prescribed to help people who have problems sleeping on a short term basis.

The drug also has anti-anxiety and muscle relaxant properties. It has become one of the most widely prescribed drugs of its kind.

There are several Restoril side effects that people who are interested in taking it should be aware of beforehand.

They include: dizziness, fatigue, headache, lethargy, impairment of memory and learning, longer reaction time, numbed emotions, and inattention.

Poor concentration, feeling light headed, slurred speech, muscle spasms, pain when urinating, sore throat, irritability, blurred vision and diarrhea are other minor Restoril side effects that one may experience from using of the drug.

Although they may still be classified as “minor” side effects, anyone experiencing these symptoms should consult with their doctor immediately. It is better to be safe and to eliminate any chances of something more serious developing from the use of the medication.

Some less common side effects include: burning eyes, vomiting, nightmares, aggression, restlessness, and palpitation. Long term use is not recommended because it can cause drug tolerance and the drug will lose effectiveness.

Physical dependence and addictions are also issues that can come up in relation to long term use.

Your doctor should consider all the elements and compounds that you are allergic to because using Restoril can also result in allergic reactions. In most cases inflammation of the body parts including the face may result as an adverse allergic reaction.

The medication consists of a compound called benzodiazepine amongst other ingredients and severe allergic reactions have been reported in cases where the users have been allergic to active and/or non active compounds.

In order to have optimal mental health, it is important for a person to get good sleep on a regular basis. Anyone who is having trouble sleeping should try to change the way that the get ready for sleep to see if they can find a method that works.

They may try taking a warm bath, darkening the room adequately, or playing soft music that can help them relax before bedtime. If those things do not work, they should consider talking with their physician. A doctor may recommend that a person get a physical to rule out any health problems and they may prescribe something to help the person sleep.

If Restoril is prescribed, a person should ask about the Restoril side effects so that they can be aware of how they may feel after taking the drug.

If someone experiences alarming side effects of Restoril such as driving while not fully awake or dizziness, they should contact their physician immediately. They physician may choose to lower the dosage or instruct them to discontinue the medication in lieu of other treatment methods.

Having good communication with a physician is imperative in order to make sure that the patient can be treated for insomnia without incurring any additional problems.